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    Thanks for the response. I have two problems with what you suggest. Our router setup is rather complex because it is shared by a number of users. Basically, setting the DHCP address the router assigns as static is not an option I have. I have to use one that was assigned to this particular application.

    Second, it is the KB article I’m having difficulty with. What the article suggests does not match what OpenRepeater setup. The KB article shows a number of items that are supposed to be in the file indicated, /etc/network/interfaces. What is actually in the file is what I posted in my original comment. This suggests the KB article is out of date and things have changed since it was posted 6 years ago.

    I’m a hardware geek and a true novice in navigating the Pi file structure so it is very possible I’m doing something wrong, hence the plea for help. I will try raspi-config utility tomorrow.

    Loren – W1UV

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    Sounds good. I am currently updating my schematics with a hardware fix. If I can do it in SW I can avoid the layout changes.

    Keep in mind this is my first RP project so the programming is completely foreign to me. I’ve done a ton of custom Arduino HW and SW projects so I do know how to use a keyboard :<)

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    Today I got OpenRepeater working on my custom hardware for the first time. This controller is going into a very old 220 repeater that has been modified many times with zero documentation to go along with it. The last modification was to clean out years of rodent debris, replace the power supply, and for some unexplained reason, ripping out the previous external controller interface.

    The audio level between the receiver and transmitter is very low, in the 60 mVp-p range. For this reason I will only be using OpenRepeater to handle the COR to PTT interface, timeout control, and I will be injecting the courtesy beep and ID into the existing audio connection. I will not be passing the audio through the audio chip.

    My only complaint is the same one that started this thread, ID’ing every 10 minutes whether the repeater is active or not. I can come up with a hardware workaround but it has been stated this will be fixed in V3.0. The last mention of this release was in August. Any forecast on a release date?

    I saw the patch in the last two replies. This is beyond my skill set at the moment but I know someone who might help. In the meantime, the new release would be greatly appreciated. I will ask our club treasurer about a donation.

    Loren Albright – W1UV
    Member, Interstate Repeater Society Technical Committee
    Derry, NH.

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    Thanks Dan for the quick response. As for #1: I will make provisions that if the power fails, the Pi will lose power after it shuts down. As a back up, I will be incorporating a Arduino Uno uController (not the board, just the chip) on a separate board for house keeping purposes. For instance, audio levels will be controlled by electronic pots so they can be adjusted remotely. No manual pots. I will also be able to cycle the power on the Pi with the Uno. Check my QRZ page to see one example of how I’ve used the Uno uControllers.

    Let me mull on the rest and I’ll respond with clarification to #2. Getting rather late here in NH.


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