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    We have not covered optocoupler circuits yet but after doing a little more research I understand it more. What line out is feed to the input diode? Would it be the two ground pins on the radio that is transmitting?

    So are you saying the Microcontroller Input Pin on the diagram connects to the PTT High on the EasyDigi?

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    I still have a few questions. Can you provide an example of a compatible COS circuit? Also, how do I wire the PTT when using 2 of the handheld radios?

    If I get the TYT radio would I be able to use only one radio for this project? The main goal is to minimize weight in the balloon.

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    Ok. I stumbled upon this project looking for ideas for a HAB (High altitude ballooning) class for college. We were going to send a repeater up into the balloon to be able to transmit between cars that are a longer distance away.

    Would there be any easy way to make this a lightweight and portable project?

    Also, do you have a working example of a COS circuit?

    Any why wouldn’t one radio work?

    in reply to: FRS Uses #1988

    Thank you. I will work on helping them get their Technician License.

    in reply to: parrot mode #1934

    Thanks for the reply Aaron
    i have played with the PHP just not sure how to auto enable the module
    on startup

    regards Martin

    in reply to: Internet Link not Echolink #1925
    in reply to: Internet Link not Echolink #1923


    Did you find a solution ? I am looking for the same

    / lars

    in reply to: TX via serial #1884

    Hi Aaron,

    Yes Svx is great but also quite complicated at times, and I am no linux geek. I had to read tons and had a lot of help for others also!
    Read some of that page you sent me to, will read it in more detail in a bit but yes I can see where it can be done that way also.
    And yes I can well imagine the amount of coding it takes to add a simple one liner feature. So no problem I will keep an eye on this project indeed. I really like the interface you guys have put together, very neat!

    But I think tx from a serial port can also be useful also for those who have a cat connection on a serial port.

    Keep at it I am certainly impressed with your work.

    Another question is will you be adding the metar info module also? I just love that feature, it is interesting to get the wx info, temp baro etc from the local airports
    The other modules? like voicemail and parrot? I find parrot is neat for a audio check. Just fun indeed.

    Keep it up!
    73 de j69ds Frans

    in reply to: repeater opening by 1750 Hz tone #1834

    Hi Aaron!

    Thank you so much for your answer!
    Just found a new hardware on

    called repeaterbox.
    Will try that soon.

    Thank you again

    in reply to: GPIO Pin ID? #1830

    Great advice as usual, Aaron.
    So it appears that my Tx side is fine (well after using the proper GPIO pin), and my issue is actually on the Rx side. The squelch is always OPEN, therefore the Tx was always on. On VOX, if I push the mute button on my soundcard, the squelch will close and the Tx will turn off. It only transmits when the ID interval arrives.
    I also noticed there is a very loud hum, like when plugging cable into an amplifier before the cable is inserted completely. That noise I suspect is keeping the squelch open. So it looks like I have two tasks remaining:

    1. Identify the cause of the hum.
    2. Figure out the COS/optocoupler stuff for a Baofeng/Kenwood radio.

    Off to the google, but do welcome any advice on either item.

    Thanks as always!

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