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    Hi Aaron,
    Is there a “simple” way I could utilize the “IDENT_ONLY_AFTER_TX” function in this version(2.1.1) of OpenRepeater?
    Is the a simple step by step process you could give me that I could do via “SSH” that would allow me to permanently add this function to my present version until the 2.2.0 becomes available?



    in reply to: COS vs. CTCSS #2945

    In the link you gave me above, I notice the configurable variable “IDENT_ONLY_AFTER_TX”
    How…(in simple terms)…can I utilize it to sequence the ID to actual repeater use?
    Still working with Dan at ICS on the echo problem, but want to move ahead with other aspects too.



    in reply to: Audio Difficulty with Pi 2x Board #2943

    Hello Aaron and Dan,
    Between the two of you, is there anything I could try, or is it software. I really don’t think it’s stray RF, in that the Repeater is in one package and very well shielded. Coax is double-shielded with short runs to the duplexer. Mostly, it wasn’t present with the internal controller active.
    Are there any software adjustments that can be made that could affect a correction?



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    Hi Aaron,
    I am communicating directly with Dan at ICS support, please loop in with him in that I have the feeling that everything is somehow inter-related. Thank you for all the good suggestions, I hope we all together can resolve this situation.
    The Raspberry Pi/2x combination is and will continue to be an excellent controller platform with incredible expansion possibilities.



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    Have an audio file from my phone, how do I attach it to this message?

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    Thank you Dan,
    After trying everything I described above. I employed my favorite line from the movie “Contact”
    “All things being equal, the simplest answer is usually the correct one”, In my case it simply involved disabling “Flat audio” After doing that everything worked, and levels where easily adjusted.

    One thing, my audio an echo-like quality to it, is there a way to “tweak” audio quality, and is it easily explained?

    Thank you again,
    73 Jeff-WB9OUF

    in reply to: COS vs. CTCSS #2931

    Thank you very much Aaron

    In reference to item 4), How do I upload the module? It doesn’t appear on “find modules on”, I do however find MODULE_TxFan on Githup, is that the one of which you speak?
    Do I click on “Clone or download” then download zip, or copy the 7 files listed starting with

    “svxlink Initial 0.1 commit 2 months ago”?

    My question in Items #1, #2, & #3 were based on my intent to basically have my UHF repeater on Port 1, and have a VHF transceiver on port 2 linked to and both sharing audio, such that two people carrying on a conversation on the UHF repeater could simultaneously carry on a conversation with someone on lets say 146.52Mhz simplex on port 2.

    Item #3 was this if I could remotely (by DTMF) enable or disable that ability?

    Sorry for all the questions, but that you very much for your time, and very detailed and informative answers.

    ***But I’ll trade you, if your have any questions about heart surgery, or heart transplants, I’ll answer them hopefully with the same detail LOL***

    Thank you again,


    in reply to: COS vs. CTCSS #2929

    Thank you Aaron,

    Thank you for your detailed answers, just a few more LOL:)

    1) How is the Audio from Ports 1 & 2 routed? Both kept separate, or Mixed? Can it be modified with the UI in that I don’t know coding…LOL
    2) COS from port 1 keys PTT 1 and PTT 2, where as Port 2 keys only PTT 1, I ask because I would like to add a remote base to port 2 at some point, and that situation would be ideal
    3) Referencing item #2 above, is there a way (by DTMF) to disable port 2 PTT thus shutting off the remote base function.
    4) How far along is the Transmitter based Fan timer module? It would be a great option.

    I say this having no idea how to write code, and I do appreciate very much, those who can and do.

    Thank you very much,

    Jeff- WB9OUF

    in reply to: COS vs. CTCSS #2927

    Thank you Dan,

    Briefly, I have the PI 2X/Raspberry Pi3b configuration
    1) If I desire CTCSS access only which input takes priority keying the PTT COS or CTCSS in?
    2) Running the controller without radios attached the “short ID goes off every 9 minutes (which was set in the initial setup)
    3) What do the LED’s on the corner of the board indicate?
    4) On the “interface” tab on the UI under “PORT SETTINGS” (both 1 and 2)
    EXTRA Settings”
    RX Control Mode = COS
    RX Active GIPO State = Active Low
    TX Active GIPO State = Active HI
    Do I change those to match the PI 2X switches or leave them alone and configure the switches to match my radio?
    Thank you very much for your time and patience with my novice questions:)


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