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    Has the SVXLink Card for RaspberryPi been discontinued in favor of the MMDVM and MMDVM STM32? – And if not where can I obtain the board and components? The French site no longer references the SVXLink Card.

    What are the differences in the MMDVM STM32 version over just the MMDVM version – and the SVXLink Card? Will these boards (MMDVM’s) run with OpenRepeater?

    Thank you in advance.

    Aaron, N3MBH
    Forum Administrator

    Hello Douglas,
    I would say that is up in the air at the moment. I have noticed the same thing. As of this writing, I had shot Juan an email a few weeks ago asking the same thing and I have not received a response yet. Perhaps I will try again soon or see if I can email Christian. They have always been kind of random on their group orders that they did. I definitely want to promote it for them if they are.

    If you need it I may have a schematic floating around. I think you can still download it off of f5UII page that I have link to on our new hardware page in the top menu. That board design is mostly through hole components.

    The MMDVM board that they offer are a different animal and will not work with ORP. They are for DV modes.

    If you have not purchased an SVXLink card already, I encourage you to check out the ICS boards on the same hardware page. I believe what they are offering their 2X model fully assembled at is about the same price as they were selling the SVXLink Card as a kit. If you are needing the relays, you can add an external board. The ICS boards have integrated sound (no usb sound cards). If you go that route, let me or Dan with ICS know and we will get you an IMG of ORP that also includes the enabled sound driver. Its not currently release as of this posting.

    Hope that Helps.

    Aaron – N3MBH / WRFV871

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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