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    I am currently working on an EchoLink node for our club. I started with SVXLINK, but the headache of getting it set up, and it crashing constantly has made me just want to start with a more web UI friendly setup. I was wondering if this board was supported in this. This is the Repeater Builder STM32_DMV. This is the newest edition, and offers a serial connection for the raspberry pi. Here is a link to the website. Can anyone let me know if this will work?


    Aaron, N3MBH
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    Hello Ryan,
    ORP is purely analog at this time. The Repeater Builder STM32_DMV is a microcontroller board for DV modes like DMR, D-Star, and Fusion. It is pretty much the same microcontroller that you’d find on a JumboSpot or other variety of PiStar type hot spots…but without the lower power transceiver chip. Instead it has other hardware to interface it to external radios. So while it might appear similar to say the ICS Controllers Pi Repeater boards, the behavior is vary different and not supported at this time.

    We are working on support for another one of Scott’s (at Repeater Builder) interfaces…the USB RIM Lite (the other RIMs should work also). We have back end code in our development branch 2.2.0. This won’t be fully implemented until the new 3.0 UI is completed. If you can get around linux command line and a little PHP editing doesn’t scare you, I can instruct you on how to build a 2.2.0 image and how to configure a RIM or even a URI. The ICS boards are also pretty nice as well.

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