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    Hi, I have been trying to set up my ICS PI-REPEATER-1X-MTR2000 and when I connect it up to a screen and keyboard to set up the openrepeater software with the latest version all i get is a black and magenta screen cycling. I did try this on a pi 3b+ as well and was able to to get in and set up the wifi access but when rebooting it will do this same screen and I cannot get in. So I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or there is a problem.
    Thank you for any advise
    Dan – KC0CAP

    Dan, KG7PAR
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    Sounds like you are trying to use the display screen. Open repeater is meant to be run headless via web address. As such the displays are unsupported within the raspberry pi images themselves.

    Being you have wifi working, you should be able to point your web browser to openrepeater.local and get in that way.

    Also being this is the pi zero and the mtr2000 hardware, please review the knowledge base article on related to this configuration as it is a special setup and the radio details are particular.


    Thank you, it did finally connect to wifi now. I just am not having very good luck in the controller operating as it should. Been trying many options. I may habit off more than I can Chew.

    Some questions is in the instructions, (I have it set to Base mode, not repeater) In the MTR RSS under Personality, Channel info, PTT what should External PTT map to? That photo is missing in the directions.

    In the “Connecting up the audio”, I am confused as to if I need the wireline board for both options 1 & 2 or for just option 2. I have tried both ways, no luck.

    Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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