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    At first i must say the OpenRepeater Soft works very great-Thanks!
    But it would be nice if the Metar Information Modul would be working also. Our Repeater is in the near of an Airport and our users like this feature. Is it possible to update this function in OpenRepeater? Because the Metar-Files from NOAA switches to https secured.
    Thany you very much!
    Klaus OE4KMU, 73s


    Dan Loranger
    Forum Moderator

    Hi Klaus,

    This is an issue for the underlying svxlink software, and is known about.

    There is a fix checked into the master trunk. For right now we don’t support building from trunk directly as it has not been well tested, we are sticking to released versions of svxlink source code.

    Now having said that, we do have the option in the build script (under advanced menu) to select to build from the trunk if you want to try doing a build yourself. This version is not released so we can’t guarantee there won’t be bugs (we actually know about several that are outstanding so far).

    The process is fairly straight forward if you are comfortable doing the basics of creating an image from scratch and getting logged into your system on the console. Few commands to copy and paste and then you should be up and running with the trunk version.

    Just follow the instructions and everything should go smoothly.

    Dan, KG7PAR


    Hi Dan!

    Sorry for my delay…Qrl is very time-robbing in the moment…hi
    Thank you very much for the instructions, i will build a new image in the next days. What do you mean, is it possible or meaningful to make this update remote? The Repeater is not accessible because of a lot of snow on the mountain.
    73s Klaus, OE4KMU


    Dan Loranger
    Forum Moderator

    For your situation, I would recommend building and testing locally and then deploying to your field system.

    This looks to be compiled into the source code so not easily remotely implemented.

    If you have a knowledgable linux guru around, you should be able to do it remotely, but I am certainly not well enough versed to provide guidance on how to do it safely and not risk taking the system down completely.


    Dan Loranger
    Forum Moderator


    it appears the svxlink trunk is broken at the moment’ best to hold off for a bit on this

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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