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    I want to tinker with developing my own interface board for Open Repeater and either my Raspberry Pi 4B or 3B+. Since they don’t have audio in or out, we’ve got to add a sound card. So I dove in looking at various hats designed for the Pi. I came across the Raspberry Pi Codec Zero which lists having Aux In and Aux Out. In fact, according to the Raspberry Pi site, the only hat that has any kind of audio input is the Codec Zero. The detailed description states it uses a Semiconductor DA7212 codec.

    So, I say all that to ask this question, has anyone tried using the Codec Zero as their “sound card”? Did it work? Any issues? Is this even viable, or will I need to look more at using a USB sound card or try and copy the ICS Controller audio schematic?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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