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    Settings for the client have to be made in 2 files (svxlink.conf and ModuleEchoLink.conf).
    It is important that all nodes can not connect to each other via Echolink (Reject or drop in ModuleEcholink.conf).

    The svxreflector must be configured separately and runs stand-alone.

    If you want, i can send you a sample of the configuration-files from our repeater an my hotspot (with a description of the settings).

    73 de Marco, OE7MBT

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    The configuration of a svxlinkrefletor ist not very difficult 😉

    I use our repeater with a homebrew hotspot over svxlinkreflector on a orangePi with a TRX-Shield with UHF and VHF TRX-Modules.

    Here in Europe we have great community 😉

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    Hi Aaron,

    unfortunately, I’m not a PHP programmer. My advantages are in the hardware and only as a hobbyist. I would like to help, but I think my knowledge is not enough.

    73 de Marco, OE7MBT

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