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    my setup is 1) Raspberry Pi 3b+
    ICS Pi 2x Controller board
    32 Gb San disk Micro SSD
    OpenRepeater program version#2.1.2

    I have irlp connected to port 2 which almost works until I try to send DTMF commands.
    The DTMF is muted so I edited /etc/openrepeater/svxlink/svxlink.conf
    DTMF_MUTING=1 changed to DTMF_MUTING=0
    But the dtmf is still muted, is there a way to get dtmf to pass ideally from port 1 to port 2
    Phil G0EPX

    Aaron, N3MBH
    Forum Administrator

    Hello Phil,
    Not sure what process you have used. Just keep in mind that /etc/openrepeater/svxlink is a symlink to /etc/svxlink so when editing /etc/openrepeater/svxlink/svxlink.conf you are actually editing /etc/svxlink/svxlink.conf…which is what ORP writes to.

    Also, keep in mind that ORP writes to this file, so if you make changes in the UI or initiate a rebuild & restart from the UI, your changes will get over written. However, if you know this then it is OK as a short term solution, but you have to not use the UI while making these test. You can make edits in the svxlink.conf file, but you will want to manually restart SVXLink from the command line. I usually would used “service svxlink stop” and service svxlink start” to do this. Then you can tail the log file located at “/var/log/svxlink” to make sure that your changes didn’t make SVXLink barf.

    It sounds like you’d be on the right track with the DTMF_MUTING, but I just want to make sure that you config file isn’t getting overwritten by mistake. If you find that the changes work then you’d want to make modifications in the PHP class that is used to write the config file.

    This sounds of interest. I have considered trying to get Allstar installed along side of ORP and using a CM108/119 looped back into a link port in a similar way, but would likely have to make sure that DTMF is passed and not conflicting with SVXLink commands. I would have to try some tests to see what I can come up with.

    On the SVXLink side, a good resource is the SVXLink group over on groups.io. (https://groups.io/g/svxlink). Let me know if this helps in the meantime.

    Aaron – N3MBH

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    Dan, KG7PAR
    Forum Moderator

    As Aaron mentioned, the groups.io forum is your best option for this type of issue. We know some of svxlink, but it is a monster with a lot of options. This specific question was raised before and died after I forwarded the response originally. I would recommend posting your findings here after confirming what Aaron stated about making sure the variable didn’t get overwritten by accident.



    I managed to get DTMF pass through to port 2 using ssh end editing /etc/svxlink/svxlink.conf
    with DTMF_MUTING=0 then pulling the power out and reconnecting so the file was not over written but this did not seem a very good solution so as i am using a separate irlp interface connected to port 2 and this has a direct DTMF path I connected this direct to the audio input on port 1.
    This bypassed the controller and works perfect
    Phil G0EPX

    Aaron, N3MBH
    Forum Administrator

    Glad to hear you got a solution to get the DTMF routed around. But it sounds as if you a are doing a work around.

    Did you in fact get the DTMF to pass from one port to the other after editing the file. If it seems to be reliable at a basic level, then you can make other mods to make it more permanent and prevent it from getting overwritten. That’s what I was trying to hint at. The changes would need to be made in a PHP file.

    I’ve considered doing something similar to make up a solution for those that want Allstar. Until we can fully develop support of Allstar, I was considering making a tutorial on how to setup Allstar with a Pi, a 2 port controller like the ICS 2X board and something like the DMK URK. The URI would basically loop back through the 2nd port on the 2X board.

    I was having some issues getting Allstar installed on the same system as ORP, and haven’t had a chance to revisit that. I may have to opt to use two Pi’s for the time being. One for Allstar and one for ORP.

    Aaron – N3MBH

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    Hi Aaron
    The DTMF did get passed from port 1 to port 2, I was just a bit worried the file would be over written.
    Which PHP file needs to be changed to make it permanent
    Phil G0EPX

    Aaron, N3MBH
    Forum Administrator

    Good to hear. You would need to edit the following file: /var/www/openrepeater/includes/classes/SVXLink.php

    In version 2.1.2 you’d edit line 153. Changing it from:
    ‘DTMF_MUTING’ => ‘1’,
    ‘DTMF_MUTING’ => ‘0’,

    Note that this is in a PHP array format so it’s important that you maintain quoting and commas as shown. There is another class function that will process the arrays into the INI format when it writes the config files.

    This will make this the same behavior for all RX sections for each port. Once you save that, just make a change in the UI to initiate a rebuild/restart and it will write out a new config file. You can ‘cat’ the file from the command line if you want to verify the change.

    Aaron – N3MBH

    OpenRepeater is offered free of charge. Find out how you can support us.

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