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PLEASE NOTE: These IMG files do not currently support the new Raspberry Pi 3B+ released in March of 2018. We are aware of this and are working to support this model in our next release. Until that time please stick with a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3.

Please see our Getting Started Guide for default login credentials for these images.
Raspberry Pi 2

Raspberry Pi 2 & 3

Download the latest OpenRepeater software for your Raspberry Pi 2 or 3. This image contains everything you need to get up and running quick: Core Debian OS, SVXLink core, web server, Front End application, and various dependencies. Please note that this is not know to run on older versions of the Raspberry Pi (single-core versions).

Current Version

Raspberry Pi 2/3 IMG File (Ver 1.1.0) File Type: ZIP SHA-1: 71cf0cbcbfbd97f74e015d6e3c7df294cab9ed23 MD5: ced5d2edea6ec56eacf91f1aefa32027

Archived Versions (Raspberry Pi 2 Only)

Raspberry Pi 2 IMG File (Ver 1.0.0 Beta 3) File Type: GZIP SHA-1: FD1300B715EFCF524D0C1520E05B5E59DACC0B67 MD5: B5E3E3C7C2DF507B7D65813A31D7F8F3

Please note that support for the Beaglebone Black and Odroid C1/C1+ boards have been discontinued due to lack of sufficient interest. This means that ORP will no longer be building IMG files for a ready-to-go install. Click here for access to the achieved images. This doesn't mean the end of the road completely, you should with some effort be able to build a setup by hand using the Debian repository. Code is also available on our GitHub repo.