10Sep 2018
The wait is over, OpenRepeater version 2.0.0 is here. So what's new you may ask? Well...a lot off stuff. We've added a version history to the website, You can check that out for a comprehensive list. Here are some of the key features & improvements. Under The Hood Version 2.0.0 of OpenRepeater now uses version [...]
03Jul 2018
While being the primary UI developer for OpenRepeater, I've always done my development work without actual repeater hardware. I work in a small office when doing the my development where space it at a premium. I've always simulated the radio hardware with a breakout/breadboard setup. I've been able to inject audio and DTMF commands into [...]
26Feb 2018

Radio Donors Needed

February 26, 2018
Hello OPR Followers. Seeking some help from the ORP community. Looking for someone with connections to surplus Motorola GM300 radios that can make a donation of gear and can possibly help with optimizing the radios for the ham bands and maybe get me started with some base programming of some test pair frequencies. What I'm [...]
13Nov 2017

Preface This has been in the works for some time and is a collaborative project between ORP and ICS. This is a hardware interface to turn a Raspberry Pi 2 0r 3 into a repeater controller. One of the stand out features of this board is that it has an integrated audio codec chip…so no more USB […]

02Apr 2017

For those interested, it looks like the guys over in France are opening another group purchase on the SVXLink Card. The group order will open on April 22nd. Not clear how long that the order will stay open for just yet. For more information please visit: https://shop.f5uii.net/en/product-category/svxlink-card-en     Here is a photo of one […]

28Aug 2016

For those interested, it looks like the guys over in France are opening another group purchase. Here is an update from Christian F5UII: Good news for interested OM to SvxLink Card. A new group purchase is now open and will stay open only 3 weeks. It will be closed Tuesday 20th September at 21 hours […]

14Apr 2016

I just wanted to let you all know that the current build (1.1.0) has been updated to be compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3 as well as the RPI2. You can find this on our downloads page. Other than that nothing has change in the build…it’s the same version of ORP. Stay tune for a […]

10Mar 2016

Well…we wanted to announce some hardware updates. You are probably wondering where we stand with our hardware interface that we posted here. It’s not dead just yet, just delayed while we work out some issues with onboard sound. The First Interface Design – SVXLink Card In the meantime. Juan has been working on a bigger […]

02Mar 2016

Say hello to the new Raspberry Pi 3, Model B. The new board is the first 64-bit Raspberry Pi, and comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It’s available now, but good luck getting your hands on one as we can probably expect some shortage for a while. Good news, in theory things look positive for […]

27Feb 2016
Open Repeater Projection

Greets OpenRepeater Users, Today (Feb 27th, 2016) I made a minor update to the IMG files for version 1.1.0 for the Raspberry Pi 2 and the Beaglebone Black (C1 Image is still pending). When I built these I made the minor oversight of forgetting to register svxlink with the services so that it would start […]

10Feb 2016

The wait is over, OpenRepeater version 1.1.0 is here. So what’s new you may ask? Well…a lot off stuff. Under The Hood Version 1.1.0 of OpenRepeater now uses version 15.11.1 of SVXLink for our core. There have been some stability improvements added and some other backend stuff that Richard (KB3VGW) has been working on with […]

22Aug 2015

Greetings OpenRepeater users! My name is Juan Hagen! I am amateur radio operator F8ASB and I am new to the OpenRepeater Team and glad to be a part of such an exciting project. I am located in North East France and have been an amateur radio operator since 1996. The radio is a great way […]

27Jul 2015

Today we have some exciting news to share with you. We have a public beta available for others to try. The First Public Beta We currently have some beta IMG files for download for following devices: Raspberry Pi 2, Beaglebone Black, and Odroid C-1. You can get these from our download page, but the best place […]

17Jun 2015

Greetings…My name is Richard Call (KB3VGW). I am a new developer joining the OpenRepeater Project. I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on on some big changes we are working. We are working hard to make some under the hood changes to build a strong foundation for the project. The first one […]

11Sep 2014
Open Repeater Projection

Well, I know it has been slow going, but we are working on restructuring some of the code so we have a good foundation to build upon. Mathew Peterson is playing a key part in helping with that. In the meantime, here is something everyone can help out with…no coding experience required. A good while […]

16Jul 2014

What’s Happening with the Project? First, I would like to thank everyone that has expressed interest in this project. I have received numerous offerings from people willing to help and just as many wanting to know where the project stands. No, the project is not dead. Unfortunately, I’ve just been swamped with work projects and […]

26Mar 2014

The above video has nothing to do directly with this Raspberry Pi Repeater project, but this can server as an example of how a portable repeater system could be deployed. The use of a tripod type base with an antenna mounted on top and an enclosure on the side of the mast. This could house […]

19Feb 2014

I finally got a chance to do a demo video of how the Raspberry Pi based repeater controller will function. Again, it is still in development. I am still refining and improving the code and I will need to design a PCB to interface with the radios, but the hardware/software proof of concept is successful. […]

01Feb 2014

Phonetic Pi

February 1, 2014

Today’s little subproject for my Raspberry Pi Repeater Controller project is writing a subprocess to convert call signs to phonetic alphabet for voice identification. This will give users even more flexibility when setting up the controller for their setup. They will be able to choose between having the voice identification speak their call sign in […]

27Jan 2014

It’s Here…

January 27, 2014

Well…it’s here. My Raspberry Pi has arrived. My first project with it is my Raspberry Pi Repeater Controller. I have setup all the package dependencies on it, copied all my code I’ve been working on in a virtual environment over the last few weeks, and started working with some basic GPIO circuitry to interface with […]