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Well, I know it has been slow going, but we are working on restructuring some of the code so we have a good foundation to build upon. Mathew Peterson is playing a key part in helping with that. In the meantime, here is something everyone can help out with…no coding experience required.

A good while back I started a logo for the project when I registered the domain name. I haven’t done anything with it recently, but I wanted to throw what I had out there and see what people thought. Any criticism are welcome. I think having good branding for the project is also important to it’s success. While it doesn’t accomplish anything functionally it will give the project strong name recognition and spit & polish in the end.

So…fire away in the comments below and help shape the future image of the project.

18 thoughts on “OpenRepeater Project: Logo Design

    • Aaron Crawford says:

      Documentation is on GitHub Wiki and is a work in progress. The current build has only been release to other developers until the core system is done.

  1. Angel says:

    Hi Aaron and all.
    It is a very nice logo, I miss a smaller one to embed on different sites, such as icons, buttons, etc., and an acronym, identifiable at a glance.

    As a website header and background is perfect, very successful in the colors, great job.

    • Aaron Crawford says:

      Yes, it is my plan to make a secondary icon based off the tower for use as a favicon, GitHub icon, etc. Just getting initial feedback on the main logo.

  2. Vito says:

    It looks professional. As Lee Alder pointed out. The antenna resembles an ‘A’. Try making it resemble an ‘A’ a bit more and place it as the ‘A’ in repeAter. That would be catchy

    • Aaron Crawford says:

      Hi Vito thanks for the thought. I think I looked that concept initially but it didn’t really work in this context. That’s something I often avoid when designing logos because it often reduces the quick decrement of the text. Plus an upper case style ‘A’ in the middle of a word with lower case letters would look out of place. Good thought and I appreciate it!

  3. foursmith says:

    I like it! If I was going to tweak it, I would try replacing the “t” in repeater with the tower icon. It has T appearance and might be interesting there. Otherwise, I think you’ve got a winner here.

    • Aaron Crawford says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I think the T idea falls into the same category as what I mentioned to Vito above. I think the general consensus is it’s a winner.

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