Minor Patch to 1.1.0 Images

Open Repeater Projection

Greets OpenRepeater Users,
Today (Feb 27th, 2016) I made a minor update to the IMG files for version 1.1.0 for the Raspberry Pi 2 and the Beaglebone Black (C1 Image is still pending). When I built these I made the minor oversight of forgetting to register svxlink with the services so that it would start upon boot. In order to start it, it would have had to be started from the command line or by updating values in the Web GUI and rebuilding and restarting. After originally building these, I went right into the web gui and made updates straight away, so that is why I didn’t catch this.

Newer 1.1.0 Images

So if you download 1.1.0 images for the RPI2 or BBB with the following files names (on or after 2-27-2016):

  • OpenRepeater_RPI2_1.1.0_2016-02-27.zip
  • OpenRepeater_BBB_1.1.0_2016-02-27.zip

…then you are good. SVXLink should autostart upon boot

OlderĀ 1.1.0 Images

If you download between 2-10-2016 and 2-27-2016 and your archives are named as such:

  • OpenRepeater_RPI2_1.1.0_2016-02-06.zip
  • OpenRepeater_BBB_1.1.0_2016-02-07.zip

Then there is a simple fix that you can do from the command line without having to redownload and reimage your card. Simply issue the following commands:

systemctl enable svxlink.service


systemctl enable remotetrx.service

That’s it! SVXLink will autostart upon reboot.

P.S. Stay tuned. We are working on improving documentation. We should have the start to a knowledge base very soon.

Aaron – N3MBH