1. Download and install the ApplePi-Baker application (if you haven’t already).
  2. Obtain the latest copy of the disk image for the project from our Downloads page.
  3. Extract the image file from the downloaded .ZIP file, so you now have “distribution-name.img”.
  4. Insert the SD card into your SD card reader.
  5. Run ApplePi-Baker.
  6. Select the SD card under “PI-Crust : Possible SD-Cards”. WARNING: Make sure to select the correct drive! You could inadvertently damage your hard drive if you are not careful.
  7. Under “Pi-Ingredients”, select the image file you extracted above.
  8. Click on the “IMG to SD-Card” button and wait for the write to complete.
  9. Quit ApplePi-Baker and eject the SD card.
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