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Phonetic Pi

Today’s little subproject for my Raspberry Pi Repeater Controller project is writing a subprocess to convert call signs to phonetic alphabet for voice identification. This will give users even more flexibility when setting up the controller for their setup. They will be able to choose between having the voice identification speak their call sign in […]

It’s Here…

Well…it’s here. My Raspberry Pi has arrived. My first project with it is my Raspberry Pi Repeater Controller. I have setup all the package dependencies on it, copied all my code I’ve been working on in a virtual environment over the last few weeks, and started working with some basic GPIO circuitry to interface with […]

UPDATE on Raspberry Pi Repeater Project.

So over the last couple weeks, I’ve been working on a new project to develop a low cost, low power, but feature rich duplex repeater controller suitable for setting up a temporary / emergency repeater systems with radios that can be run on portable power. This is all going to be based on the Raspberry […]