The above video has nothing to do directly with this Raspberry Pi Repeater project, but this can server as an example of how a portable repeater system could be deployed. The use of a tripod type base with an antenna mounted on top and an enclosure on the side of the mast. This could house the Raspberry Pi Repeater Controller two small radios for RX and TX and a mobile duplexer.

This type of setup probably wouldn’t work well on the 2 meter band, but should be achievable on the 70 cm band. Reason being because of the separation that can be done with a small notch duplexer. Many of these duplexers are rate around a minimum of 5 MHz separation, so the 600 KHz of 2 meters wouldn’t be possible with a single antenna configuration. 2 antennas would hardly make the system portable.

Imagine being able to deploy this up on top of a building, hilltop or mountain top in a SHTF type scenario. You could even add a solar panel for battery charging.