Well…it’s here. My Raspberry Pi has arrived. My first project with it is my Raspberry Pi Repeater Controller. I have setup all the package dependencies on it, copied all my code I’ve been working on in a virtual environment over the last few weeks, and started working with some basic GPIO circuitry to interface with my code. I have to say, I am rather surprised at how responsive it handles it. Seems faster than my virtual environment I was running in. I had my doubts at how well it would handle the Apache/MySQL/PHP web server for the back end and the speech synthesis, but so far it is working like a champ.

The web server is snappy, even for the courtesy tones selection page where it is serving up 40+ mp3 files to allow preview before selection. I had a couple hangups with the espeak libraries having broken speech, but after changing some parameters, it is working flawlessly now. I just have to do some more coding and polishing of my existing code and then I will be ready to make a video demo of how it works. Then I can design the interface board.