While the OpenRepeater is designed to run headless, you may wish to connect it up to a keyboard and monitor for the initial setup and testing. Most single board computers have video out in some form, usually HDMI or Micro HDMI.

What you will need:

  • A monitor or TV that supports HDMI, DVI, or another appropriate input
  • The appropriate cabling to go from your SBC to the monitor
  • A USB Keyboard
  • (Optionally) A USB Hub if your SBC doesn’t have enough USB ports

It pretty simple, just connected up the monitor with the appropriate cables, plug in the keyboard in a USB port (use a USB Hub if required) and power on the board. You can use the same username and password as you would with SSH.

[info_box style=”announcement”]Default Root Login
Username: root
Password: OpenRepeater[/info_box]

Once you are logged in to the command line, you can issue commands as usually. Use ifconfig to find the assigned IP address for your ethernet port (eth0). This is the IP address you will need to log into the Web Control Panel.

Note: Don’t forget to change your password to secure the root account.

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