Setup WIFI in Raspbian Stretch Lite

In order to configure WIFI in Raspbian Stretch, you will need to connect to your Pi via SSH (see the KB Article HERE) or attach a keyboard and monitor to your Pi (see the KB Article HERE).      

There are a couple of options to configure WIFI in Stretch.

Option 1: Use the raspi-config utility.


While logged in to your Pi's console enter the following:

Remember, anytime you enter 'sudo' then a command it will ask you for a password. This is the password you used when you logged in to your pi.

Down arrow to '2 Network Options' and hit <Enter>.

Down arrow to 'N2 WI-FI' and hit <ENTER>.

Type in the SSID of your wireless network hit <Tab> then hit <Enter>.

Type in your PSK hit <Tab> then hit <Enter>.

This takes you back to the main menu of raspi-config. Hit <Tab> then right arrow to '<Finish>' and hit <Enter>.

To view your IP Address for your wireless adapter type:

Option 2: Configure the WIFI via the command line.

Of course, you will need to change "MySSID" and "MyPASSWORD" to the SSID and PSK of your wireless network.

Now we need to modify wpa_supplicant.conf

This command opens the nano editor.

Remove the line with the clear text password by getting to the beginning of the line and type <Control>+k. Then type <Control>+x and answer "y" <Enter> to save the file.

In order to use the newly configured WIFI, you will need to enter the following:

If you entered everything correctly, your WIFI should be up and running. To confirm, check your IP Address:

  Article by: Andy Delgado, KE5EXX
in Networking