Manual Build Guidelines

Below is a general outline of what is required to run and install a functioning ORP install on your board manually. This is not a step-by-step guide and requires that you are comfortable in the Linux command line. There is a build script but it is board specific and may be out of date as of the writing of these notes: You may need to change branches to view the script. Even if you cannot run the script, it may be good to skim through it to see what it is trying to do and modify the commands for your needs.

You must be running Debian based OS on your device and make sure that you device is connected to the internet as it will need to download packages to install.

Software Dependencies:

  • Debian Based OS (i.e. Raspbian, Debian)
  • SVXLink
  • Nginx Web Server
  • PHP 5.x
  • SQLite3 and php extention
  • memcache and php extention
  • SOX – for audio conversion
  • ALSA

Custom Configurations:

  • Web Root for GUI: /var/www/openrepeater (ownership should be www-data)
  • Database lives here: /var/lib/openrepeater/db/openrepeater.db
  • Sounds Prompts: /usr/share/svxlink/sounds/en_US (ORP version of sounds can be found here:
  • Tones & Identifications: /var/lib/openrepeater/sounds
  • Put ORP helper script here: /usr/bin/ (must be added to sudoers file to allow PHP to execute without password)
  • Create Links
    • ln -s /var/lib/openrepeater/sounds /var/www/openrepeater/sounds
    • ln -s /var/log/svxlink /var/www/openrepeater/log
  • ORP will need to write to these folders and permissions should be set accordingly for PHP to access
    • /etc/openrepeater/svxlink/
    • /etc/openrepeater/svxlink/local-events.d/
    • /etc/openrepeater/svxlink/svxlink.d
    • /usr/share/svxlink/events.d/

Some common courtesies: These guidelines are a Work-In-Progress. If you find something that is unclear, please let us know by posting to the forum with your discovers so that we can make updates to benefit others. This is an opensource project and the developers are unpaid. We do this purely out of our desire to make ham radio Awesome.

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