If you plan to log in via SSH, then you have already discovered your device IP address (or will have to) using one of the other means. Once you know that you will be able to log into the Web Control Panel as well as use SSH for other command line functions.

  • You will need to use an app on your computer that is capable of connecting via SSH, like PuTTY for Windows or the built in Terminal application on the Mac.
    For PuTTY on Windows, select the SSH mode, enter the IP address and a port of 22 and save the session if desired. Open the connection and enter the password.
  • For Terminal on the Mac, at the command prompt enter ssh root@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and then press enter…(xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) being the IP address you discovered earlier. Enter the password and the prompt will change to that of the remote OpenRepeater server.
[info_box style=”announcement”]Default Root Login
Username: root
Password: OpenRepeater[/info_box]

Once you are logged in via SSH, you can issue commands as usually.

Note: Don’t forget to change your password to secure the root account.

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