Project Contributors

Core Development Team

Aaron, N3MBH

Project Visionary and Front End Developer


Hardware Design & Development (US)
ICS Controllers

Richard, KB3VGW

Debian PKG and Device IMG Maintainer. Scripting Guru

Juan, F8ASB

Hardware Design & Development (France)

Credits & Other Contributors

  • Chris Tripp, KK4CT - Development & Testing
  • Chris Wren, N4VDR - Donation of equipment to use as a development/testing repeater setup.
  • Dana Rawding, N1OFZ - Linux and Driver Support
  • Mathew Peterson, KD9BKC - GitHub Guru and Slack Admin
  • Tobias Blomberg, SM0SVX - Creator of SVXLink, a linux based EchoLink/Repeater program that we use as the core of our system. It's the Engine under the hood of ORP.