08Sep 2019

This is about a 14 minute user contributed video from Greg Hatten, KE4MU. He shows us his setup using the ICS Controllers Pi Repeater 2X with the option for the enclosure. On this setup a power supply and Raspberry pi are also included. He is running a Motorola GR1225 repeater using the OpenRepeater software. If […]

02Sep 2019
The OpenRepeater team is happy to announce the recent release of version 2.1.2! Version 2.1.2 is an incremental update from 2.1.1. They main change to be concerned with is the addition of Raspberry Pi 4 support. There are some other changes under the hood such as the change to the Raspbian Lite Buster OS, change [...]
17Jun 2019
The OpenRepeater team is happy to announce the recent release of version 2.1.1! What are some of the new features in 2.1.1 you may ask? Backup & Restore One of the new features is the addition of the backup & restore feature. This allows the backup of UI settings, custom modules, custom audio files, and [...]
12Nov 2018

This has been in the planning stages for some time, but we’ve finally put together a Getting Started video in our efforts to ramp up our YouTube channel and provide video instruction for newcomers to OpenRepeater. This video gives a quick overview of the hardware required to interface the Raspberry Pi to the radios, as […]

10Sep 2018
The wait is over, OpenRepeater version 2.0.0 is here. So what's new you may ask? Well...a lot off stuff. We've added a version history to the website, You can check that out for a comprehensive list. Here are some of the key features & improvements. Under The Hood Version 2.0.0 of OpenRepeater now uses version [...]
03Jul 2018
While being the primary UI developer for OpenRepeater, I've always done my development work without actual repeater hardware. I work in a small office when doing the my development where space it at a premium. I've always simulated the radio hardware with a breakout/breadboard setup. I've been able to inject audio and DTMF commands into [...]
26Feb 2018

Radio Donors Needed

February 26, 2018
Hello OPR Followers. Seeking some help from the ORP community. Looking for someone with connections to surplus Motorola GM300 radios that can make a donation of gear and can possibly help with optimizing the radios for the ham bands and maybe get me started with some base programming of some test pair frequencies. What I'm [...]
13Nov 2017

Preface This has been in the works for some time and is a collaborative project between ORP and ICS. This is a hardware interface to turn a Raspberry Pi 2 0r 3 into a repeater controller. One of the stand out features of this board is that it has an integrated audio codec chip…so no more USB […]

02Apr 2017

For those interested, it looks like the guys over in France are opening another group purchase on the SVXLink Card. The group order will open on April 22nd. Not clear how long that the order will stay open for just yet. For more information please visit:     Here is a photo of one […]